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3 Video Marketing Trends to Use Now

Video marketing trendsYoutube is one of the largest search engines on the internet! If you are not using video to market your business yet, what are you waiting for? Get started with one of these hot video marketing trends now.

Video Marketing Trend

#1: Answer a Question

Do your clients often ask the same question? Are there questions you wish they asked? Hop onto a video and answer the question! Use the  actual question as your title.  It will grab people’s attention as they see that you know what they are thinking!

But don’t just ask the question, answer the question or promise the solution.

Video Marketing Trend#2: Broadcast Live 

All you need is your mobile and Periscope

Did you just finish a big job or project? Share it live! Do you have a client who can’t stop saying “thanks!” Get them onto your phone and let them share what a wonderful job you’ve done, live and in person.

Share the Unexpected, the Wonderful and the Wondrous

It doesn’t matter what business you are in, you can always inspire and entertain potential clients by being ready to capture and share the unexpected, the wonderful and the wondrous. Catching something as spontaneous as a great sign spinner on the corner of the street, or a crazy snake in the backyard of the home where you are working. These are great reasons for people to follow you and get to know you and your business better. 

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