3 Advertising Mistakes And How To Fix Them | Examples of Advertising Mistakes

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I can’t help myself. I see blaring mistakes in traffic and I must take a photo. Initially I took the photo as a reminder to contact the business owner and let them know about their mistake, but I have found they don’t really want to discuss it. Below are the ones I posted to Facebook instead..

Mistake #1 Not Branding yourself in your email address. Hotmail, Yahoo and even Google are not paying your to advertise them, are they?

It is not that difficult to get a branded email address. It costs about $10 a year and you can still use your favorite 3rd party account like hotmail or Gmail. Just buy your own domain name and then forward your email to your 3rd party website. It looks far more professional and it gets people to read your business name 1 more time. 

Mistake #2 Not Proof Reading Your Advertising


How many people had to see this truck before this was complete? You can see by the comments it can start a conversation but not one that creates business for the truck owner!

Have someone who knows a little about grammar and spelling look over your business cards, and any other print media that you put out there. We are all human and make mistakes, and that’s why we need other humans to look at our stuff and make sure it gets the correct message across.

Mistake #3 Being Too Generic


The first step in any advertising is to focus on one audience member. That’s right, concentrate on one individual person. Too many people try to talk to a group of people and that ends up watering down their message. No one can relate to it because it is generic and blah.

Instead, decide who you want to reach (try your favorite customer) and speak directly to them. Your content will pack more punch and inspire more of your ideal clients to take action.

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