Attract and Engage is Better than Chase and Convince

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Those are the words of a good friend of mine, personal branding expert Ronald Earl Wilsher. We recently did a Google Hangout and chatted about how to actually attract clients instead of chasing them.  The hangout is below but its an hour long, so I’ll feature parts of it across several posts. The main point is that attraction marketing is the route you want to take.

The main points for today are, be yourself, be found, and be fun.

Be yourself

By being authentically yourself, you are naturally going to be unique. That is because even if you have a twin, like Ronnie does, no one else is exactly you. When you are uniquely you, your ideal customer will be able to connect with you.

Be Found

Ronnie said that just as you want to connect with customers, they are out there trying to connect with you. You need to be out there, either networking, creating content, or both so they can find you!

Be fun

Ronnie only puts one type of person on his mailing list: the person with a sense of humor.  Just like Facebook, people avoid boring.

Do you find that you attract customers or chase them?

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  2. I find that I attract customers. They are always coming to me after I play the piano or guitar and sing and ask for lessons or invite me to play somewhere. Additionally I work on computers all day, and people come to me and ask me to fix their PCs. It is exciting

    Thanks for writing

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