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Attraction Marketing

attraction marketing

What is Attraction Marketing?

Traditional marketing values say that “its all a game of numbers.” You are asked to pick up a phone book and dial. Once you’ve made x number of phone calls, you should have reached x number of people. Once you reach x number of people, you will get x number of “no’s.” For every x number of “no’s” you will get a yes. Attraction marketing is in contrast to this method. Instead of cold calling, you set yourself in a space where people can find your message. Those that resonate with that message reach out to YOU.

When you are giving people answers to the questions they already have, you are engaging them and not chasing them. When you use attraction marketing, you are seen as someone who delivers value and possesses all the answers to their questions or problems. This is in stark contrast to someone who is hounding them to hear a presentation and “see if we are a fit.”

Time focus

The time you spend using attraction marketing is highly focused.  You are not random dialing or trying to “get yourself in front of x number of people.” Instead, you are helping potential clients, answering questions and expanding your field of knowledge. In other words, you are leading with value.

Leading with value does not mean you are “giving away the farm.” While you are answering questions and delivering information that solves people’s problems, it might make sense to tell people about your product, program, or consultant services. It can seem like a fine line for someone new to the method, but soft sales ARE a part of the attraction marketing process.

Elements of an effective attraction marketing plan

Today’s marketing world has been opened up by the internet. It no longer takes millions of dollars to run media campaigns, you don’t need to have a degree in journalism to write articles and you can run live video and audio streams reach huge crowds with just a few clicks of a button. Quite simply, you can syndicate your content in written, audio and video form with relative ease.

While each of your clients will have a preference on how they digest information, you will want to use each modality, at least on occasion. That means offering some content as audio and video as well as text. Luckily, the platforms available today make it very easy to repurpose your content. For example, you could do a Facebook live, download it, and then upload it to Youtube. You can tweet smaller versions of your text and you can strip the audio from your video content and upload it as a podcast stream.

The main objective, is to be seen, be heard, and engage with the people you and your business can help.

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