Get Interviewed On a Podcast: Podcasts make you look like a rock-star

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Want more tips on how to get found and look like a rockstar? Get the free guide for how to get found fast.Get interviewed on a podcast Looking for a great way to look like a rock-star? One of my friends on Facebook is also a brilliant marketer. She recently asked a great question to her community. You can see it […]

You can write a book

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You can write a book! Many professionals already understand the value of writing a book. You become more esteemed, are invited to more speaking events, and eventually make more money but you might be asking “What type of book can I write?”   There are many kinds of books and you might be suprised to know they are not that […]

Trademark Bullying?

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I often write articles on directories such as Ezine Articles and Self Growth.  They both require some time before they can actually publish things I submit and I’ve never had any trouble until today.  The reason was very interesting to me: Thank you for your submission to titled “3 Tasks Every Facebook Business Page Owners Must Do.” We would […]

Organizing Your Computer Files

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I know lots of people take a new look at things in January and try to get a bit tidier, but to me its kind of a spiritual thing. I really believe that the more tidy my environment, the more money I bring in…call it silly if you will but it is always true for me:D In one of the […]