Where Does Your Competitor’s Traffic Come From?

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Whenever you are considering your content marketing strategy, you’ll want to do some research.  This includes finding out where your audience look’s for information and what kind of pains they are looking to heal from.  One great place to find out is from seeing where your competitor is getting traffic. Discovering Your Competitor’s Traffic Source You can use this free […]

Get Interviewed On a Podcast: Podcasts make you look like a rock-star

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Want more tips on how to get found and look like a rockstar? Get the free guide for how to get found fast.Get interviewed on a podcast Looking for a great way to look like a rock-star? One of my friends on Facebook is also a brilliant marketer. She recently asked a great question to her community. You can see it […]

You can write a book

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You can write a book! Many professionals already understand the value of writing a book. You become more esteemed, are invited to more speaking events, and eventually make more money but you might be asking “What type of book can I write?”   There are many kinds of books and you might be suprised to know they are not that […]

Trademark Bullying?

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I often write articles on directories such as Ezine Articles and Self Growth.  They both require some time before they can actually publish things I submit and I’ve never had any trouble until today.  The reason was very interesting to me: Thank you for your submission to EzineArticles.com titled “3 Tasks Every Facebook Business Page Owners Must Do.” We would […]