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3 Responsibilities of a Facebook Business Page Owner

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  Social Media Marketing Each industry is different but most businesses will do well to have a Facebook Business page, it is often the place I tell my customers to start their Social Media Marketing Efforts.   It’s where you can access the 1.5 billion users Facebook has worldwide.  It is where you to be discovered by new customers, stay […]

I use a formula to post to social media

What to Post

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Ok, so I admit, I procrastinate. I can think of a gazillion things to share with my blog or on social media …when I’m not in front of a computer.  Other times I just can’t think of anything! So I cheat…I use a formula.  Here it is: Picture Question Trivia Article Quote Tips/Recipes Trivia/Math Promotion That’s it! I use a […]

Attract and Engage is Better than Chase and Convince

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Those are the words of a good friend of mine, personal branding expert Ronald Earl Wilsher. We recently did a Google Hangout and chatted about how to actually attract clients instead of chasing them.  The hangout is below but its an hour long, so I’ll feature parts of it across several posts. The main points for today are, be yourself, […]

Use Twitter to get Facebook Likes

Using Twitter to Get More Facebook Likes

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Social media is no longer a “some day” marketing strategy. It is now a “must have” for every business owner no matter the size.  Although I recommend some research to find-out which social media platform your target market uses, it is often a pretty good guess that they have a Facebook account. That’s because 1.19 billion users log into Facebook […]