What are the best social media sites to post on?

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What are the best social media sites to post on? One of the biggest questions I get about posting content on social media sites is “Do I need to post on “x” too?” Of course the answer is “no”. You don’t NEED to post on any platform! However it might not cost you the extra time and energy that you […]

Avoid This Mistake In Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Content Marketing Strategy As an entrepreneur in 2017, you have a huge advantage in marketing. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for print media like newspaper and magazines ads.  They take weeks and sometimes months to prepare. Today, you can instantly get your message out to prospective customers with just a couple of minutes a day. Content marketing […]

Do You Suffer From The Impostor Syndrome?

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I remember so vividly the first year of my teaching career. I had so many great ideas for my classroom, my student’s families, etc. I was very enthusiastic and I wanted to share my ideas with other teachers. I also knew that there was this “thing” about first year teachers. In my mind, no one took a first year teacher […]

Where Does Your Competitor’s Traffic Come From?

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Whenever you are considering your content marketing strategy, you’ll want to do some research.  This includes finding out where your audience look’s for information and what kind of pains they are looking to heal from.  One great place to find out is from seeing where your competitor is getting traffic. Discovering Your Competitor’s Traffic Source You can use this free […]