Get Interviewed On a Podcast: Podcasts make you look like a rock-star

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Want more tips on how to get found and look like a rockstar? Get the free guide for how to get found fast.Get interviewed on a podcast Looking for a great way to look like a rock-star? One of my friends on Facebook is also a brilliant marketer. She recently asked a great question to her community. You can see it […]

Abundance-The 2015 Theme

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Abundance This is the first year I’ve chosen a “theme.” This year the word is abundance. My teenage daughter who is usually the one to explain things to me, told me she didn’t know what abundance meant. At first thought, you might think it has something to do with money. It can, but really the theme is abundance in all […]

Open Phone Lines

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I love a challenge, especially when it helps me get past the stumbling blocks in my own business.  Recently, I’ve had to really disappoint some cool people because they wanted to have a 1 on 1 with me and I just simply could not accommodate them. As my business grows, my calendar gets full, and it is difficult to spend […]

meet your clients virutally

How to meet without leaving the office

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Virtual Meetings I attend many local meetings. This includes chamber of commerce events, leads groups, and general networking groups. I meet with hundreds of people locally this way every week.  On the other hand I meet, have conversations, and build business ideas with people thousands of people all over the world without ever leaving the house. Why Virtual meetings? Not […]

Social Media Marketing Houston

3 Responsibilities of a Facebook Business Page Owner

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  Social Media Marketing Each industry is different but most businesses will do well to have a Facebook Business page, it is often the place I tell my customers to start their Social Media Marketing Efforts.   It’s where you can access the 1.5 billion users Facebook has worldwide.  It is where you to be discovered by new customers, stay […]