What are the best social media sites to post on?

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What are the best social media sites to post on? One of the biggest questions I get about posting content on social media sites is “Do I need to post on “x” too?” Of course the answer is “no”. You don’t NEED to post on any platform! However it might not cost you the extra time and energy that you […]

I use a formula to post to social media

What to Post

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Ok, so I admit, I procrastinate. I can think of a gazillion things to share with my blog or on social media …when I’m not in front of a computer.  Other times I just can’t think of anything! So I cheat…I use a formula.  Here it is: Picture Question Trivia Article Quote Tips/Recipes Trivia/Math Promotion That’s it! I use a […]

Attract and Engage is Better than Chase and Convince

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Those are the words of a good friend of mine, personal branding expert Ronald Earl Wilsher. We recently did a Google Hangout and chatted about how to actually attract clients instead of chasing them.  The hangout is below but its an hour long, so I’ll feature parts of it across several posts. The main points for today are, be yourself, […]

Social Media Marketing

Free Tools for Social Media Marketing

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Sometimes  just the idea of posting “something” on a social media platform on a regular bases is overwhelming. If that’s the case, then you need to watch the Facebook Easy Button.  This post is for those who are already comfortable posting on a regular bases and it is not taking up too much time.   When you are ready to […]

Make Money in Your Sleep for Small Business Owners

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I recently had two of my worlds combine. This website is primarily marketed toward the small business owner. Here I offer tips on how to market your business in the on-line world. It is not uncommon to see me speaking to business groups and sharing information about social media, and reputation marketing, but this time I’m sharing something new. I was […]

Excited to plan

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Yesterday I posted a picture of the graphic I created to promote my upcoming hangout.  I’ll be sharing my secrets to posting consistent content to multiple Facebook Fanpages in record time. Today, I spent some more time listing out some free resources available to make Facebook posts quick and easy. Here are a few you might already know about: Buffer.com […]