It has never been more important for organizations to be able to connect with their group in a timely fashion, How would you like to send your entire group, no matter what size, a timely message and know that eacl’l one will read it within the hour? Now your organization has the ability to harness the power of mobile

We will teach you about mobile-giving, donations and fundraising with our platform.

[styled_box color=”orange” title=”Benifits”]

  • Increase event attendance by instantly notifying members
  • Keep people updated with daily reminders from homework to information alerts
  • Raise funds through sweepstakes, events and overall awareness
  • Ensure safety through emergency alerts that require real-time communication
  • Decrease staff expenses by scheduling reminders months in advance
  • Drive overall member satisfaction through access to real-time feedback
  • Create viral campaigns through integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Generate viral campaigns through integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Gain team support through a simple to use communication platform




WestSide Auto Pros

Welcome to the Westside Auto VIP Club. Enjoy savings today, in the future and also helpful reminders.

Mr. Goma Tires

REMINDER! Your inspection is due at the end of the month. We are open Mon- Sat from ?am- 6pm.[/one_fourth]

Malden Auto Sales

Text Car21 to 71441 to receive info and price on this vehicle.[/one_fourth_last]

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