facebook schedule posts

facebook schedule posts

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Facebook schedule posts

You’ve probably heard that to make the most out of Facebook Marketing you should post often. Even if you knew what content to post, it could be very time consuming to continuously go to Facebook and post content several times a day.  There are a couple of things you can do to make that task less daunting.

You could use apps like Hootsuite or Bufferapp.   Some say that Facebook’s algorithm frowns on using 3rd party apps, but I don’t think it is as damaging as not posting often enough.

You could also schedule your posts in advance. It used to be possible to post upto a year in advance but I’ve seen recent restrictions to only post 6 months in advance.

On your business Facebook page, look for the little clock symbol.  That allows you to schedule your posts from within Facebook.

Did you ever schedule a post?

schedule posts

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