Get Interviewed On a Podcast: Podcasts make you look like a rock-star

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Looking for a great way to look like a rock-star? One of my friends on Facebook is also a brilliant marketer. She recently asked a great question to her community. You can see it below:


and here are some of her replies:


As you can see, when you get interviewed on a podcast, you will see exponential results in your business!


I’ve personally loved making connections to other influencers in my market and people have told me I sound like a rock-star. See for yourself on my most favorite interview here. 

How to get interviewed on a podcast

If you haven’t been a guest on a podcast yet, go to the i-tunes podcast search and find the up and coming podcasts. Message them and let them know you are available for interviews. Give them an idea of what kind of information you have to share with their audience. It won’t take long before you get interviewed on a podcast. Then come back here and let us know how you did!


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