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How to Create a Business Building LinkedIn Profile

How to build a linkedin profile

When you build a business building LinkedIn profile it will represent you and what you do

There are three main things your profile neds to do in order to attract your ideal customer:

  • Be easily found when someone searches for what you do and
  • Tells the story of how you can solve problems for your client
  • Compel people to connect with you

This article is designed to show you exactly how to build a business building LinkedIn Profile.

Why your LinkedIn Profile is important

It helps you control your online reputation. One of the first things that shows up when you Google your name is your LinkedIn profile. Make it shine by setting it up to show people how you and your business can help potential clients..


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LinkedIn’s culture is a professional one. Your profile should highlight what you do and your credibility.

LinkedIn Marketing: Attract Your Ideal Clients with Your LinkedIn Profile

Before you begin re-writing your LinkedIn profile, you need to be clear about who your ideal clients is. We call that your avitar. Once you have that clarity, you can focus your message to speak directly to them. You can address the specific problems/challenges they face and how you can solve them.

The biggest misconception business owners have when writing their LinkedIn profile is that it should look like a resume. This is because LinkedIn was originally designed for people to recruit or find jobs. Now there is great potential to find business owners who need your help.Make sure they can find you and that your experience describes the products and services that you offer.

The best way to be sure people can find you is to use the right key words.

Choosing Keywords for Your LinkedIn Profile

Potential clients can search for people or businesses. They can also type in words that relate to the business they are looking for. If they are looking for a social media expert, they might type in “social media.” If they are looking for a PR specialist, they may type in “PR specialist.”

Think about the specific words people will type in when looking for someone like you to help them.

How to Create an Awesome LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn Headline

You have 120 characters to stand out as the expert in your field. Using one or two keywords, create a headline that will generate interest and encourage viewers to click on your profile to find out more. While it is great to show up in the search results, you need to stand out enough for people to click through.


Your Profile Photo

Your profile photo is your first impression. LinkedIn is like the BNI of networking. It’s culture is very formal so your headshot should be a professional one.

Here are some pointers for a better profile image:

  • Lean forward and look straight ahead at the camera
  • Smile
  • Dress professionally
  • Your picture should include only you

DO NOT Use a cartoon, logo, or photo of your animals!



Maximize the LinkedIn Summary Section

Make sure the first two sentences of your Summary section catches the attention of your avitar and entices them to learn more about you.

When writing your summary section:

  • keep it client-focused. Speak directly to your avitar and their specific problems
  • always write as if you are speaking directly to one person
  • add keywords you want to be found for
  • include media such as videos, audios and  SlideShare presentations

Give some background on yourself and tell why you are an expert, then explain who  you help. Be detailed about the problems they have and how you solve them. Then tell them how to reach you to start solving their own problems.


The best way to complete the  Current Experience Session

List every product and service that you offer as an experience. List the title as the product that you offer. List the problem that you solve in the description.

Past Experience

Only include past experience if it adds value to what you currently do. For example, if you are a tax accountant who works with insurance agents, then go ahead and list the past experience you had as an insurance agent. If it doesn’t add value, then do not list it!

Skills & Endorsements

While the Skills section helps increase your level of social proof. You can get these skills listed by listing skills for others first.


Recommendations are a vital part of establishing trust and building your authority and credibility on your profile. This is the most important form of social proof on LinkedIn.

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from people you have worked with and can speak to your expertise and results. Be sure to personalize your request and provide ideas of what you would like them to write about.

Publications Section

Publications is an excellent section to feature things that make you an authority on your topic In this section, include books, eBooks, reports, whitepapers, checklists or articles you have written. Not an author yet?  Check out the free Kindle crash course here. 


LinkedIn As An Overall Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is the strategy that will help you keep control of your reputation and help you propel as the expert in your field. Your LinkedIn Profile is an intricate part of that content marketing strategy. 

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