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How to meet without leaving the office

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meet your clients virutallyVirtual Meetings

I attend many local meetings. This includes chamber of commerce events, leads groups, and general networking groups. I meet with hundreds of people locally this way every week.  On the other hand I meet, have conversations, and build business ideas with people thousands of people all over the world without ever leaving the house.

Why Virtual meetings?

Not only does this type of meeting allow me to grow my business globally, but it is far more efficient. I do not need to include drive time, I don’t have to worry about privacy, I don’t need to find a location that is a good half-way point between us…and my calendar is still full about 3 weeks out.

Aren’t face to face meetings better?

Face to face meetings are definitively a powerful way to connect with people, build relationships, and let people see the “white’s of your eyeballs.” Face to face meetings are also VERY possible in a virtual meeting. With today’s technology, you can easily meet with more than one person from your office or living room.  You see it all the time in the movies..the meeting rooms filled with nothing but laptops and people’s faces on each one. Well it is possible today…and a great way to be efficient in your businesses.

I’ll list ways to meet with your clients and customers in another post. In the mean time, think about how reducing your travel time for “one on one” meetings might improve your own businesses.



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