Marketing To The Masses

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Ryan McKinney MarketingSo how do you market to the masses?

Short answer: you don’t.  Not if you are smart anyway.  Your efforts will be a lot clearer and you attract the client or customer that you are looking for only if you are speaking directly to THEM.  Have you ever noticed that when you’ve watched a great speaker on stage, it always seems like he or she is speaking directly to you?  That is what makes them a great speaker. If  they tried to speak to the entire crowd, you wouldn’t hear the message as clearly and you wouldn’t feel the connection that is so necessary in sales. 

A great marketer’s secret

Every great speaker, author, and singer has a secret.  They are only communicating with ONE person. I know it sounds crazy, but it is very true.  You know where I learned it from? Jimmy Buffet.  He writes all of his letters to his stockholders as if he were talking to one person..his sister.  Now he makes a little bit more money than I do, so I’m willing to take his advice, aren’t you?

What if I make them mad?

During an initial consultation with a client, I’m often asked “What if I make someone mad;I say something they don’t agree with, and so they don’t become my customer?” Well that’s actually a good thing.When you speak to your FAVORITE customer in all of your marketing, then you are likely to attract more of the same.  If you turn someone off, it is far better for them to turn away before you ever meet.  Too often business owners spend oodles of time and energy trying to please a “problem” client.  That only attracts more of the same. Marketing requires you be yourself and you WILL appeal to your favorite customer!

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