Open Phone Lines

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Ask Brenda A QuestionI love a challenge, especially when it helps me get past the stumbling blocks in my own business.  Recently, I’ve had to really disappoint some cool people because they wanted to have a 1 on 1 with me and I just simply could not accommodate them. As my business grows, my calendar gets full, and it is difficult to spend time traveling and meeting with people.

In my last post, I mentioned I would be showing you some ways to have a virtual conversation.  Now, quite literally, I’m going to show you! I was recently challenged to hold an open phone line day and I think it will do all sorts of things for both of us. First, if you have been trying to get me as an audience, now is your chance! We can have our 1on1 and do it virtually.

If you’ve been wanting to ask me how to publish a book, what I do with Amazon, how long your book needs to be, . or a slew of other questions, I’m inviting you to call me on Tuesday.  You can call  go to anytime between 9am central and 6 pm central.  Go ahead and give me your best questions, and I’ll get them answered!

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