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One of the best ways to be found on-line, is to BE online!   There are so many places to put your content, that it can seem overwhelming…but it doesn’t have to be.  If you spend the time to create a power-point, for example, you might as well upload it to Slide Share. You- can also post each individual slide to Facebook (over time), tweet your Slide-Share Post and even post it on LinkedIn.  All of that takes less than 5 minutes.  If you spend a little more time, adding music, or presenting your information with a recorder and Jing, you can now post that content Youtube.  So, you can take one powerpoint and use it all all 5 major social networking sites….but of course the list goes on!

Be sure you list a link to your website, blog, or promotion within your power-point.  You can also increase the value of your website or blog by embedding your Slide Share post.  Below is an example of how an embedded Slide Share post will look on your website.


This is just one way I help my Done4U clients get their information out to the world.  If you give me an hour of time each month, I can spread your message across the world!

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