lie that keeps you from writing a book

The Biggest Lie That Keeps You From Writing A Book

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You want to be writing a book

You know you NEED to be an author. It opens more doors and tells more people that you are the expert. So why haven’t you written it yet?

Chances are you are telling yourself a huge lie. You are not alone, it is the same lie many other “authors” tell themselves. 

“I will write x number of pages every day.” 

That is a LIE. How many times have you tried that already?

Why you can’t write a book in x number of pages.

You don’t think in x number of pages. Do you really chunk out your ideas in even page numbers? Page numbers are not really tangeable. Try complete thoughts instead.


Writing a book can be easy

Try explaining your book to a friend and tape recording it. You will find the words come much faster and you might be surprised to find that you actually end up writing more than x number of pages per day!



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