Want to Increase Your Income? Stop Cold Calling!

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Content Creates A Different Kind Of Call

When you have attracted a client and they call you, the conversation looks much different than if you cold call them or even if they found you online and are shopping for services. When a potential client is shopping for services, They are treating you and your services like a commodity and are motivated by price.

 If you want to charge a higher price for the services that you offer, then you need to be the “go-to” person in your field. When you are the “go-to” person, then your potential client is calling you based on your reputation. You will know right away when this happens because the first words out of their mouth will be “How do we get started?” and not “How much do you charge?” They might even ask if you have room in your business to take them on as a client too.

Become The Go-To Person In Your Field

One great way to get yourself seen as an authority in your field and get you on your way to being the “go-to” person in your field is to become a published author. Then you will literally be able to say “I wrote the book on that.”

 Yes, even if you are a doctor, a plumber, or a hair-stylist, you need to write a book. Once you have written that book, so many wonderful things happen. One of those wonderful things, is that you will get to charge what an expert charges. There is a range of prices for your services and when you are a published author, you will move to the high range for your services as an instant authority on your subject.

 There are a great number of things you can do to add to your expert status including, being interviewed about your book, speaking at events or on stage, and those doors open for your when you write a book about your area of expertise and publish it.

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