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What are the best social media sites to post on?

What are the best social media sites to post on?

One of the biggest questions I get about posting content on social media sites is “Do I need to post on “x” too?” Of course the answer is “no”. You don’t NEED to post on any platform! However it might not cost you the extra time and energy that you think.

You do not need to have different messages on different platforms


This is the biggest misnomer out there. Yes, the mood and culture on Twitter is much different than the mood and culture on LinkedIn, so you may not want to post every tweet to twitter. That doesn’t mean you have to have a different message on each.

The truth is that while many users on multiple platforms, they can’t possibly see the same message on two platforms at the same time. The amount of posts in a Facebook stream is ever increasing and often being crowded with loud sponsored posts. Think about how often you miss your friend’s posts until it has a bunch of comments on it.  If you post on multiple platforms there is a much greater chance that people will see them. If they see them more than once CELEBRATE!

If they see them more than once CELEBRATE!

You need 8-12 touches before someone takes action

We are overloaded with messages every day. Our eyes are in front of screens for an average of 10 hours a day. How many different companies are competing for our attention during those 10 hours?  How many times have you seen a commercial but not “tuned-in” to it? Personally, I can view the same commercial more than 5 times before I realize it is funny!

If you post in more than one place, the odds are that most people will still only see that message once. If someone does see it more than once, celebrate! You only have 3-10 more touches to go!

Your avitar should tell you the best social media platforms to post

Although there are major platforms such as Facebook and Youtube where the majority of people spend there time on social media, I can’t tell you the best place to post your content. I can’t, but your avitar can.

Your avatar is your ideal client. You should have very specific information about your ideal client and part of that information is where they hang-out online. I have a unique way of determining what your avitar should look like and I’ll tell you about it in another post. The bottom line is that the best social media platforms to post on is wherever your avatar goes.


The bottom line is that the best social media platforms to post on is wherever your avatar goes.


There is no one answer to where your business should post content. Yes, many platforms are more popular than others but the “best” place to post content is wherever your best client can be found. It really is ok to post similar or duplicate content on multiple sites as long as it fits in with the culture of the platform to which you are posting. Your potential client needs to see you 5-10 times before they will take action. If you are unclear about anything regarding your marketing direction, refer to your avatar.


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