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Where Does Your Competitor’s Traffic Come From?

Whenever you are considering your content marketing strategy, you’ll want to do some research.  This includes finding out where your audience look’s for information and what kind of pains they are looking to heal from.  One great place to find out is from seeing where your competitor is getting traffic.

Discovering Your Competitor’s Traffic Source

You can use this free site to find out what kind of traffic one or more of your competitors is getting each month, if there is paid traffic, what kind of key words their organic traffic is most popular and so much more. I like to use it to discover what kind of referrals a site is getting.

A referral is a site that sends people to your website. For example, if you post articles onto LinkedIn you might leave a link to your website at the bottom of the article.  When someone reads your article and then clicks on that link, that would be considered a referral to your website. A Google Analytics plug-in on your WordPress site can help you track where those referrals are coming from. shows you how your competitors are getting traffic.

What to do when you know the source of your competitors traffic

Once you know what sites are referring people to your website, you can see if it is a place where you can put your own content. Is there a reporter that likes to write about your niche? Add them as a contact on LinkedIn. Grow a relationship, and then pitch an idea.

This is not a super fast strategy, but by making the right connections, you can eventually grow your online reach exponentially.

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