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You can write a book

You can write a book!

you can write a bookMany professionals already understand the value of writing a book. You become more

esteemed, are invited to more speaking events, and eventually make more money but

you might be asking “What type of book can I write?”


There are many kinds of books and you might be suprised to know they are not that difficult

to complete. Here are some ideas to get you started. Do you ever repeat yourself over and

over to different clients? If so, you can write a book answering those questions! You have

valuable content  for people and you have the answers people want to know!


Do have a special skill? You can write a how to book. The thing you want to keep in mind

for a how-to book is make it about just one thing. For example if your specialty is making

breakfast, then you want to write a book about how to make orange juice NOT all of the

items at breakfast (save them for another book.)


Another thing to keep in mind is that is OK to give away your secrets.  People will still

want to hire YOU to do the work. By sharing your secrets, you have let people know that you are

the expert and they want the expert to help them get the job done.


Are there common mistakes in your industry that can be avoided? If so, you can write a 

book about how to avoid them!


Has someone inspired you or do people often quote you? You can write a book of quotes.


These are just a few examples of the type of book you can write. If you’d like some help, I

have a special program to help you get theorugh the book writing process and get that

book written.

Yes! You can write a book!

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