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“Personally Identifiable Information”

We may collect personally identifiable information (information that can be used to identify, contact, or locate you such as your name, address, phone number, and email address. In addition, third party service vendors such as Paypal may collect this information from you when you conduct business with us.


We may use this information to personalize your experience on our site, to make appropriate service offerings, and to fulfill service and product requests. We may email you about research or purchase and selling opportunities related to the information provided on  We also offer the opportunity to “opt out” of receiving information or being contacted by us or by any agency acting on our behalf.



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We may update this Privacy Policy as needed. If we do, we will post a notice on here of the changes and when this Policy was last updated.

We collect information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. We (Done4UMedia Marketing owners, employees and subcontractors) intend to comply with the requirements outlined by each social media platform that we use.

We do not sell your data, however if we are acquired or are merged we may transfer this data. In addition, you may request the removal of your data at any time by contacting us via email but we ask that you give us a reasonable amount of time to fulfill this request once it is made.

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The information we collect depends on the information you allow others to view on your social media profile. However we may collect the following information about you:

  • Name
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  • We use data that we receive through social media APIs to improve your experience with us
  • Analyze and develop new products
  • We may use your facebook ID with certain services that utilize our application, but only to the extent necessary to run our application
  • To enable you to use our applications features
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  • To allow you to interact with others that use our Application or Page
  • To promote our Application
  • To communicate with you about new features
  • To update you about changes in our price or site
  • To verify your identity


Application Partners and Third Party Service Providers: We may share your information with third parties we have partnered with specifically for our Application and/or social media page or third parties to help us manage, create, or maintain our Application and/or Fan Page. These parties are contractually obligated to keep your information confidential, and they will only have access to the information required to perform their job.

Legal Uses: We may disclose your information if required by a subpoena, through any legal process, to comply with any law or regulation, or by request of any law enforcement agency. We may also disclose your information if we reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent harm or injury or loss, in any way, to us or any third party.


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Any testimonials on this site were submitted by genuine people but they are not representative of all clients and customers we have worked with. Marketing on and off the internet involves risk and could result in a loss. Never invest capital you cannot afford to lose.




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