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Even after joining both networking groups and local chambers of commerce, Mitchell From was unable to generate referrals from networking because he “was doing it all wrong.”
After attending a Dale Carnegie training and working for a network-marketing company, he finally learned the skills he needed, to be successful.
Mitchell now practices Servant Leadership in his business as well as his personal life and developed a system that now delivers over 90% of his clients through networking and referrals.
He’ll share that system and how he incorporated it intoMy Referral Network so you to can achieve his level of success.
Sue LaPoint
Sue LaPointe, Author of  Working Writer, Happy Writer: How to Build a Thriving Writing Business from Nothing, is a content creation expert, and the founder of  the commercial writing firm Triumph Communications.
Sue pops up at lots of cool places online:
·  As a featured presenter on Eben Pagan’s “Get Ignition” and “Traffic School” courses
·  As a trainer on article writing for Instant Online Income (featured in the Coffee Shop Millionaire course)
·  As a guest on Jason Hartmann’s “Speaking on Wealth” radio show
·  As the managing editor for the Local Internet Marketing Association’s monthly journal
Sue is a Jersey girl currently living on a lake in North-East Tennessee with her husband, kids, and an ark-worthy assortment of pets.
Listen in as Sue teaches you how to develop a  Rock’n Elevator Speech that sets you apart and brings you business!


David Bamberg



David Bamberg is a personal illustrator who doodles for dollars. He moved to Houston in 1980  from Mobile, Alabama.  With no friends or family in the area, Bamberg grew his illustration business through the use of networking.
He started a local event called Third Thursday and has grown his network from 0 to thousands of local business owners. David will describe real world examples that prove no matter what town you are in, there is plenty of business to go around!
Rachel French is a Certified Professional Coach, and the Life Coach for Smart People. Using more than 20 years of professional experience in the public and private sectors, she serves others as a trainer, teacher, writer, marketer, manager, and mentor. Rachel credits her ability to talk to practically everyone about practically anything as a key part of her success.
Learn what 90% of hopeful networkers do wrong and how to be one of the ten percent that do it right!


Bennette Warren



Bennette walked away from Corporate America 19 years ago to start her 1st business, which is still open today. She helps business owners like  doctors, hair salons, restaurants, printing
companies, corporations and a variety of other businesses types to achieve real results with their
social media efforts.
Her specialty allows clients to build their brand, keep in touch with past customers and increase the bottom line by as much as 40%.
She’ll tell you how to network without ever leaving the home or office!

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