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What to blog about

No idea what to blog about?

The biggest complain I get from business owners like you is that they have no idea what to blog about. They understand the value of consistently writing content and they are ready to put some info out into the world but they scratch their heads when it comes to ideas on what to write about. They don’t have the TIME to THINK about what to write!

One of the best ways to get started is to think about the 5 questions your customers ask you. You probably know how to answer these questions without taking a breath because you talk about them all day long. The answer to each question is a potential blog post. For example, one of the questions I get asked all the time is “Who would read a book that I wrote?” I was able to answer that question and post it where potential clients could find it.

Next, think about 5 questions your customer SHOULD be asking you. They don’t know what they don’t know! When you are looking for ideas on what to blog about, think about the 5 things you wish your customer knew. If they knew these 5 things, they would have saved themselves a lot of  pain and or saved themselves a lot of money. Write about each one of those things in a separate blog post.

By answering those two questions, you have 10 pieces of great content that you can share on social media and help potential customers. If you need blog posts already done for you, this is a great deal. 


Should I hire a ghost writer?

Many of my clients want to spend time working their business. They don’t have time to think up topics, research and write them, and then post them everywhere. I offer a class where I help people to do this in only 30 minutes a day, but even that is too much time away from doing what they really love. Those clients pay me a monthly fee to do it for them.

There is a more economical way. For example here you can get over a year’s worth of posts already written for you. They are sold to more than one person, which is why it is so inexpensive, but it only takes a moment to read through it and make a few adjustments so that it is unique. Any type of PLR is a good source to start your content ideas. Make sure that you keep it unique by rewriting it into your own words.

If you don’t have time to even re-write an article to which you have the rights, then you should probably hire a ghost writer. This is important because you need to have valuable and consistent content in order to draw your prospective customers to you.

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