Founder, Brenda Trott
Founder, Brenda Trott

I believe that you, the small business owner are the lifeblood of society. Without small businesses, we would just be a land filled with corporate duplicity, we would lack the flavor of the individual spirit that you bring and it would be that much less a wonderful place to live. It is because of this belief that I am passionate about helping you grow your business and keeping it strong.


I do that by giving you the tools of social media, book publications and public relations. You can use these tools on your own and when your business is big enough, I can do it for you.


Mark Price


Brenda TrottAs a small business owner myself, I have found partners that helped me grow. I tease when I say that Google and I are having an affair and sometimes we let Amazon in for a threesome, but my business would not be where it is today (and my mortgage wouldn’t be paid) if I didn’t have their help. That’s why I’m also passionate about helping other business owners to diversify their income as well.


I help people become best selling authors
I help people become best selling authors


Born in Chicago with “pencil” in my mouth I spent much of my youth writing short stories for my friends. It wasn’t until I lived in 4 different states and had a family of my own that I wrote best selling books and many of them were for other adults.


Some of my most popular books.
Some of my most popular books.


I was probably the last person in my town to get a Facebook account but I took to it so well that I started teaching social media classes and I get called on by ABC radio and other media venues to chime in on the ever changing world of social media.


pajamapartyprofitsMy success on Amazon got me dubbed the Make Money In Your Sleep Girl and while embracing that name I host a weekly pajama party. You are invited to come and watch a pillow fight or meet a hot potato. Its a bit like Suze Orman crossed with Howard Stern and you are sure to catch a laugh or a business tip and hopefully some of each!


My most favorite part of the day is interviewing business owners like you and I’m I’m pretty good at it!


Jane Tabachnick

 “So enjoyed our talk. thanks for having me and making me look like a rockstar” Jane Tabachnick 

Ghost Writer in Houston

Jane Moughon M.S. in HRM“Brenda knows marketing and how to create products. After meeting Brenda, the marketing product I had been wanting to create for years is now a reality. She made it easy and made it happen. I now have an interview of me on a CD that’s packaged professionally. Thanks, Brenda”

Jane Moughon M.S. in HRM




It is a great way to showcase the lifeblood of America and help them gain another income stream with marketable DVD’s and MP3’s.


Of course I do my best to stay on top of the world of social media and any time I find something awesome I share it with my groupies..those are the people sign up on my group e-list.

You can sign up for it here.


My Professional Bio:  

Brenda Trott , known as the “Make Money In Your Sleep Girl” helps small business owners stop cold calling by coaching them to be the “go-to” person in their field.through social media, book publications and public relations. She also helps them develop a diverse income where  they too can make money in their sleep. When she isn’t shuttling her kids all over town, she can be seen eating raw cookie dough while her four 4-legged friends keep a watchful eye.  Author of several how to media marketing books and nominated the best Social Media Strategist in Houston, she has been called upon by ABC radio and other media venues to chime in on the ever changing world of social media. She founded Done4U Media to promote businesses and their owners through attraction marketing and also offers classes to those who are not yet ready to give up their own marketing hat.


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