This is a list of products and services I personally use and recommend. If you choose to use them, I may receive a small referral fee. If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask!


This is by far the best website monitoring and hacker clean up company out there. They will make sure hackers do not get into your site and cause damage. This is particularly important because Google will de-index your site if it has been hacked.



This makes collecting people’s email addresses fast while looking professional. You could pay a monthly fee for other products, but this one offers a one-time fee. 


How to Get Publicity Interviews on Talk Radio and Podcast Shows!


Getting more publicity to boost website traffic and sales is a goal pretty much EVERYBODY shares online.  But few people know how to get free publicity by getting interviewed on the radio!
There are thousands of radio stations broadcasting 24/7, and now thousands of podcasts looking for interview guests, too. This series of interviews will show you how.


Get Guest Ready

This FREE course from Nicole Holland will show you how to stand out and get business from those podcasts!


Use this platform to start your own membership site, manage affiliates and even send emails with automation. 


Deposit Photos

My favorite place to get photos for my blog and social media.




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