Brenda TrottIs your group looking for a Houston Area Speaker?

Owner Brenda Trott, M.Ed is available on a limited calendar to speak to small or large groups of business owners. The most popular topics include:


  • Social Media Dating Guide for Small business

Getting to the Know, Like and Trust with your client-without kissing on the first date.

  • Validating your employees without invalidating yourself

Recent research shows that getting acknowledged at work creates the same feeling as getting a raise.

  • Creating your Avitar

How to formulate your marketing to speak to the individual

  • Elevate your expert status

How to get seen as the expert everyone wants to hear from.

  • Why every business owner should write a book

Simple tips to help people write a book that get’s them ahead.

  • Fish bowl tactics

What you should do with all those business cards you’ve collected.

  • Reputation 

How to take your company’s reputation by the reigns, build it to five stars and be seen as the industry leader.


Contact me today to find out if your dates and topic are available.



Brenda Trott PO Box Tomball, TX 77375

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