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Houston SEO Expert

We help you get high-ranking posts in the Google search engine. Higher ranking posts means more visitors to your website and that means more customers to your business and more money in your pocket. Houston SEO is competitive and  it takes a lot of focused work to get your website on the search engine page results (SERP.) Brenda Trott has  been considered an SEO expert in Houston for over 5 years. The team that I work with has even more experience with fantastic SERP results for multiple clients.

Why you need SEO for your website

Being on the top of search rankings offers a huge value for website owners.Without search engine optimization, your website may be lost to the 2nd or third page of the results. When done correctly SEO will  bring your site tot he top of the results when someone is looking for a service similar to yours.

How SEO focus on the users

Google pays attention to how long your visitor stays on your website. This is why a good website design is the foundation of great SEO. If your website doesn’t yet convert lookers into customers, then maybe we can help with a simple two page design that helps people see what it is that you offer and keeps them on the site long enough to let Google know you are a good fit for the key-words for which you want them to rank you.

Finding an expert to do your SEO is important

No matter the size of your  business, your website needs to be found in order to be seen online. Hiring an SEO Specialist like Brenda Trott in Houston will help your business get found quickly.

It’s important to have a presence online that converts searchers into clients. If your website does not convert, we may be able to help you rewrite your website or we can build mini websites that convert.

How to beat your competitors by using SEO

SEO can help you beat your competitors by getting your business found faster. When people find you above the rankings of your competitors they will be able to see what you offer and many times make an appointment with your right away. To stay competitive, your website needs to be updated frequently. We study the search habits of your ideal customer as well as the SEO activities of your competitors in SEO Houston.

What happens when your customers can search and see your website on the first page of google

Your customers will be more confident in the work you do when they can easily find you at the top of the search engine rankings on Google. Google lends a type of authority to you and your website when they place it at the top of the search engines. Its as if Google is saying “Hey, we think these guys have what you need!”

Pay per Click (PPC) vs SEO

While many businesses start with Pay Per Click (PPC) to get immediate results, SEO can be  more cost-effective than Pay per Click (PPC) in the long run. Many people often skip the paid ads and go to the first organic search result they see. SEO can help make your website show up in the search engine for multiple key- words and be worth thousands of dollars worth of PPC ads while costing very little in comparison.

How to Increase traffic to your website

There are several ways to increase the traffic to your website. We’ve already discussed Houston SEO services with Brenda Trott and PPC (which includes Google adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn ads.) But there are even more ways to get traffic to your website with content marketing. Our signature program involves taking your specific knowledge and sharing it with the world through social media, article marketing, and even book authorship. Be sure to contact us to see which type of marketing will work with your business the best.