Attraction Marketing Elite

Thanks for your interest in our Attraction Marketing Elite services! You are about to become a super star and a well known authority in your field! Below are some of the benefits you will receive which will help you:


  • Stop Fishing For Clients
  • Attract More of Your Ideal Customers
  • Gain a higher closing ration
  • Be known as an authority in your field

Here are just a few of the steps we will take to make this happen:*

  • 3 Hours of “Johnny Carson Style” interviews
  • 16 well written articles posted to national 3rd party websites
  • 12 videos created and nationally syndicated
  • 20 blog posts
  • 12 podcasts created and posted
  • 30 press releases (10 per month)
  • *These are minimal items. We often create more than the minimum

Each of the above items are blasted to over 50 social media platform sites and have the potential to go viral.

As we are developing your expertise, we will set up an automated sales funnel which will:

Build a relationship with your prospects

Show you as the authority in your field

Close more business 


When you act now, you’ll receive

  • priority coaching through email
  • Monitored publicity opportunities
  • over 50 social media accounts in your name
  • An extra 45 minute recorded call
  • A done for you email optin give away
  • A landing page to where people to your prospect list
  • Training for you and  your staff on what to post on social media

Gain the visibility, notoriety and sales funnel you deserve. Contact Derby Perez today!

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