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Do You Suffer From The Impostor Syndrome?

I remember so vividly the first year of my teaching career. I had so many great ideas for my classroom, my student’s families, etc. I was very enthusiastic and I wanted to share my ideas with other teachers. I also knew that there was this “thing” about first year teachers. In my mind, no one took a first year teacher seriously. And that was true!

Well let me explain, another teacher pulled me aside one day and said to me “You have some really great ideas but if you keep prefacing everything with ‘I’m just a first year teacher’ then no one will take you seriously.” Wow, talk about creating your own problems! I had to stop right there and realize that I was a teacher because I had the qualifications required to teach. It was probably a benefit that I was new, fresh and excited. I belonged..I WASN’T an impostor.

As the years progressed, I found myself inviting experts into the classroom. Do you know what an expert is? An expert is someone who knows more about a subject than you do. 

That means that in order to be an expert to YOUR audience, you only need to be one step ahead of them. Now stop hiding. You are an expert not an impostor. Your expertise needs to be shared with others who need to know!

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