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Social Media Security Is In Your Hands

Social Media Security Highlighted Recently

An outraged public and even some legislative changes related to social media security is  Highlighted recently was the “breech of data” held by social media companies such as Facebook. The company’s CEO recently spent hours answering drilling questions about the breech, why it happened, and what they were doing to prevent it from happening again. The company was already on a type of “probation” from the US government and the latest breech was of high concern.

What bothered the public the most, was that one marketer was able to “scrape” information about the friend’s of people who used a particular quiz. Many users are considering deleting their Facebook account to avoid social media security breeches all together.

The quizzes used by the marketer are easy bait for people because they were fun and did not take much time to complete. They often ended with a funny statement about the user like they were most like a Bulldog or their princess name was Daisy. The permissions required to use the quizzes including looking at their profile. With this permission, the marketer was able to look at a user’s public information and collect names, birthdates, and cities of residence. Nothing that wasn’t already listed as public information was passed on to the marketer.

Social Media Hackers Are Still At It

Did you catch that last sentence? Nothing that wasn’t already listed as public was passed on to the marketer. Having that public information was all they needed to target more people with ads.

The story is not over. Hackers are still finding ways to access your accounts and YOU are giving them what they need. Take a look at the post below:

social media security baited with royal wedding memes

The information this post is asking for are common questions used by banks and social media accounts in order to reset a password. This personal information is supposed to be difficult for hackers to discover, but when you playfully post them on a social media post, you have made a hacker’s life very easy. With the use of high speed technology, hackers and easily find these posts across platforms and make a data base of grandmother names, streets people have lived on, etc. They can then use those data bases to hack into social media accounts, websites and even your bank.

How to secure your social media pages

It is up to you, the user to make wise decisions when posting seemingly harmless information onto a public platform. Here are some things to check right away:

#1 Is your birthday public information? If so, consider making it private or changing it by one day. Having your name and birthdate is a way to obtain confidential information about you.

#2 Check to see which applications also have access to your account. On Facebook, you may have Instagram and Twitter connected, but if you check the apps section you might be surprised to find hundreds of apps which you will want to delete. You can also prevent all apps from using Facebook. This will make it harder to log into accounts you have previously set up to sign in with Facebook.

#3 Don’t “check-in” to places until you are on your way out. If you check-in to a restaurant, don’ t be surprised if one of your followers decided to meet up with you before you’ve paid the bill!

#4 Post pictures of your vacation WHEN YOU RETURN, not while you are traveling. Otherwise you are inviting people to visit your home while you are away.

Social media has brought the world closer together. We can communicate with people across the globe, but we must use common sense when using it. No one can keep a lid on your private information better than YOU.

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