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26 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Youtube| Using Video for Your Small Business

Use Video for your small business

The biggest buzz right now is using video for your small business. But HOW or better yet WHAT should you post? What if you don’t have any video SKILLS? The good news is you don’t need to be a professional videographer to benefit from using video for your small business. Here are some ideas to get you started. They are all suited for YouTube (or Facebook Live) Beginners

Intro Video

Create a video that gives a great preview of the type of content, product or services that you offer. Its ok to keep it short and simple — just introduce yourself and your business and offer a simple preview of what viewers can expect from your YouTube channel or Facebook Page. Note: Facebook business pages are rolling out the ability to use video instead of a banner on your page..but it is still very buggy. Wait until the dust settles before using this feature.

Behind the Scenes

What does your office, truck, or outdoor work space look like? People love to see what you see from day to day.


This is also a little like behind the scenes. Who answers your phone but never gets seen by your customers? Introduce them on video. No employees? Introduce your family or even your pets.

Slide show

Facebook lets you make a video out of several photos and apply music. This is a fun way to show off your biz and your products.

Weekly Tip

Take just one simple little tip and share it on a video.

Industry News

Something new and exciting happen in your industry? What does that mean for your customers? Show and tell.


Find others in your industry, or that share your type of customer. Interview them on current hot topics..the pressure is off of you on this one. You don’t have to be the expert to look like one!


Show real people using your products..remember the Ronco man? You can do that too!

You could also take a more straightforward route to demonstrate your products in a video, especially if you offer something that’s new or complicated.


Show people how to do something, solve a problem, or build something by using one of your products.

Explainer Videos

These are my industry’s favorites. You can use animated characters to explain a product or service that you offer. This one is probably one you will want to hire out.

Challenge Videos

There are tons of challenges and tags on Youtube. Ride one of those waves by participating in the challenge. It shows spirit and gets you noticed.


Have clients offer up their own review via a video. You let them do the work and your company will shine.

Product Unboxings

These are super popular on YouTube. Again, you can host the video of one of your customer’s unboxing or unwrapping your product.  They do the work but you shine.

 Shouts Out

Use video to share about other businesses that have done a great deed. This shows good will and expands your reach to their customers as well.


Celebrate a milestone in being in business a certain number of years, offering a total number of services, selling that one millionth hamburger! Celebrate whatever you can think of and share the celebration with a quick video.

Special Offers

You can also create simple videos to update customers when your business is offering sales, promotions or other special offers.

List Videos

Share a list of top items your customer might use. For example, top tools, apps, products, services or books.

Top 3 Questions

What are the top 3 questions you hear over and over again? Create a video to answer those three questions.

Top 3 Mistakes

What are the three biggest mistakes your customers make BEFORE they come see you? Head off those mistakes by creating a video now.

Ride the wave

If there’s another video going viral in your industry ride that wave by creating a response video. Do you have an opposing view? Share it!


Whenever you go speak, make sure someone is video tapping it. You can use those videos on social media, or use the transcripts for a blogpost. 


Timelapse is a video setting available on many cameras and smartphones that lets you film for hours and then plays back a sped up version. This is great for showing how a product is made, a painting is done or construction work over time.

Public Service Announcements

Have your company sponsor a safety tip. Make sure your company log is seen but don’t make mention of it..just offer the tip. Then watch as your video is shared again and again.


You don’t need to be on camera to create this video. Show a presentation on power point or do a software demonstration while 


Once you get going, you might have a slew of out takes…people love to laugh with you so share them anyway!

Holiday Greetings

Let your company shine as you create a short video sharing your well wishes with followers for the holiday.




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