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Avoid This Mistake In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

As an entrepreneur in 2017, you have a huge advantage in marketing. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars for print media like newspaper and magazines ads.  They take weeks and sometimes months to prepare. Today, you can instantly get your message out to prospective customers with just a couple of minutes a day.

Content marketing is the strategy fortune 500 companies and small business owners alike use to leverage the capabilities of today’s market. It requires compelling and quality content which when found worthy, makes its way around the web. When implemented properly, content marketing will strengthen your relationship with your prospects and increase sales.

Business owners have been using information to market their products for as long as people could read so content marketing isn’t new. A magazine called the Furrow was published by John Deer  back in 1895. They had to wait months for their marketing efforts to be seen by farmers. Today, the internet and the speed at which information can get out has really leveled the field between you and the large corporations. Both have the potential to be seen my millions in a matter of minutes.

Content Marketing Is Not Always Fast

The process is usually a bit slower. Everyone can host a blog so there are millions of blogs. That means the days of “Post it and they will come” are over.  If your content is useful and evergreen, however, your content can be seen for years after you publish it. Depending on Google’s ever-changing algorithm, your content has the potential to be found for years to come.

Although it is not always fast, when you consistently publish relevant and valuable content, your online foot print grows. Each article provides a chance for people to find and connect with you and your message.

Take advantage of your evergreen content

The best way to take advantage of your growing content availability is to include a place where you can invite the readers to keep in touch with you. This is often done by offering even more valuable content via email. Once you have a potential customer’s email, you need to keep in contact with them with well planned emails . These emails should keep them engaged with you and or your brand.

Avoid this mistake with your content marketing

Once you have a strategic plan in place, getting quality content out to the world becomes fast and even easy. Before you know it, you can have thousands of articles out in the world. What happens when you need to make a change?

A big mistake that can easily happen is not knowing where you have placed your links. If you have changed the page where you are directing people, changed email service providers, or …etc. Here is how to prevent it:

  • Have a message on your website 404 page. Apologize for the error, and offer another piece of valuable content as a way to make up.
  • Use a changeable link. Instead of inserting a link to a page that you do not own, provide a link you can change later without editing the article. An example of how to do that here.
  • Keep a list of places where you post information that is not yours. For example, your social media sites, any place you guest post, any podcasts where you have been a guest. This way if you need to go back and make a change you can find it quickly.

Need tips on how to make a content marketing strategy work for you?

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